White Paper: Communicating bio-based content of products in EU and US

Recent years have seen the emergence of exciting new bio-based products into the market. Supported by a wave of innovation and the development of knowledge and technologies that have allowed new transformation processes and product development, the bio-based industry has become increasingly established. However, there are still significant challenges, e.g. clear and transparent communication about the characteristics of bio-based products is essential to avoid confusion in the market place. There is still uncertainty among the public, and even at times within the industry itself. And in the global business, this confusion crosses international borders too.

In order to address this bio-based communication challenge, two true experts in this field and members of the Bio-based content scheme management committee, Harmen Willemse (NEN) and Maarten van der Zee (Wageningen Food & Biobased Research), have written an exclusive White Paper looking at the differences in communicating the bio-based content of products in the EU and the US. It’s essential reading for anyone serious about a global bio-economy and want to learn more about the approaches of bio-based (carbon) content determination based on the European standard EN 16785-1 and the American standard ASTM D6866.

Download your free copy of the White Paper through the website of Biobased World News.


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