Bio-based content major topic in CEN webinar on bio-based products

On 2 October 2020, CEN organised the webinar “Boosting the bio-based products market through standardization” to give interested parties insights on the current bio-based market and the standards and certifications available for bio-based products. The bio-based market is constantly evolving and bio-based products are considered to be part of the solution in combatting climate change. Companies and research laboratories develop new materials and continue to experiment with its application. Bio-based products vary in composition and the amount of bio-based content.

The European Commission mandated the development of several standards for the bio-based industry to harmonise methodologies and technologies, in order to boost the bioeconomy. These standards have been developed by the CEN/TC 411 committee on ‘Bio-based products’, a collaboration of various companies and (scientific) institutes in Europe. The webinar addressed standards with regard to determining bio-based content, sustainability criteria and life cycle assessment.

Francois de Bie (Total Corbion PLA), Chairman of CEN/TC 411 ‘Biobased products’ and Chairman of European Bioplastics, highlighted in his introduction the importance of standardisation: “The ongoing ‘environmental deabate’ is driving the need for standards and certification in the field of biobased materials”. AndrĂ© van Zomeren (TNO) presented the standards portfolio and the way the standards relate to each other. In his talk he paid much attention to the Bio-based content certification, emphasing that it is an effective tool that helps the industry in making certified claims about their bio-based products.

The webinar can be watched on the CEN-CENELEC YouTube channel.

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