Certification documents

Organizations are advised to become well informed of the requirements that shall be met in order to obtain and maintain the bio-based content certificate. The bio-based content certification system consists of the following documents:

Bio-based content determination

The determination method is specified in the European standard EN 16785-1:2015, Bio-based products – Bio-based content – Part 1: Determination of the bio-based content using the radiocarbon analysis and elemental analysis. This European standard is available via your national standardization body.

Bio-based content certification scheme

The certification scheme describes the ‘rules’ for certification including the tasks and responsibilities of the applicant, testing laboratory and certification body as well as the rules for the use of the bio-based content label and logo. Download the Bio-based content certification scheme.

NEN Scheme management manual

This scheme management manual describes the procedure for the development and management of schemes by NEN. The procedures of NEN for developing and managing schemes are aligned with the requirements applied by accreditation bodies associated with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and European cooperation for Accreditation (EA). Download the NEN Scheme management manual.

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