Certification roadmap

The process for being granted a Bio-based content certificate is described in the road map. Certified organizations are included in the register.

1 Contract certification body and testing laboratory

The applicant contracts a certification body and a testing laboratory which is recognized by the certification body.

2 Testing of samples

The testing laboratory analyses the sample and submits the test report to the applicant.

The applicant submits required information and test report to certification body.

The applicant submits information and sample to the testing laboratory. This can also be done on behalf of the applicant by the certification body.

3 Validation of data

The certification body validates the data and submits a report to applicant.

4 Granting of certificate and label

If the outcome is positive, then the applicant receives the certificate and is listed in central register of certificates.

The applicant is allowed to use label for bio-based content claims on products and packaging according to the rules specified in the certification scheme.

5 Maintenance of certificate

The applicant maintains its quality assurance system to ensure compliance with the certification requirements.

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