First interpretation document published

The Bio-based content scheme management committee has established the first interpretation document related to the Bio-based content certification system. The interpretation document responds to queries from the market for applying the certification scheme to make credible claims about the minimum share of bio-based content of their products or packaging. The interpretation document can be downloaded as part of the overall scheme documentation.

A major topic in the interpretation document relates to natural products. Clarification has been provided about what raw material may be considered a natural product and in which way natural products shall be assessed to validate conformity with the requirements for determining the bio-based content. In this respect, also the certification of so-called Group II products have been clarified when natural product(s) are used as constituents.

Other interpretations addressed in the first interpretation document concern clarification about sub-licencing, statements and reporting about bio-based carbon content versus bio-based content, and the use of the logo and label including colour. Reference is made to other European standards that support the bio-based economy in communicating about bio-based content.

The interpretations will be integrated in the next edition of the Bio-based content certification scheme. It is expected that this scheme will be revised next year, when also a test method for oxygen will be available, based on the European standard EN 17351, Bio-based products – Determination of the oxygen content using an elemental analyser, that will be published by the end of 2019.

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